What a strange time this is. By now we all know to prevent Covid 19, so how can we do our part?

How to Prevent Covid 19

What a strange time in our history. If you think about it though we as humans have really come together to help prevent the spread of this new version of corona virus. I went out and saw pretty much everyone wearing masks, and almost no traffic on the road. This is humans taking care of humans and we should all pat ourselves on the back. There are still obviously things that we need though, things we can’t go without. Number one on that list is food. Every time we go out to the grocery store we put ourselves at risk, and everyone around us. Our local grocery store workers are putting themselves at risk every day so we can feed our families. I don’t think we can thank them enough, so if you do go to the grocery store, protect them by wearing your mask and keeping a safe distance of 6 feet, and say thank you if you’re so inclined. If you want to do more for Covid 19 relief I have an idea.

Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic

Obviously going to the grocery store is a risk for you and everyone else at this point (which is crazy to even say). There is an online grocery option for us that will help keep you safe, offer the best quality nutrition and do some good for some people in need. It’s called Thrive Market. Let me be clear. These blogs are not about selling you anything. You won’t see a bunch of links to products in my blogs. I just want to give you ideas about how to be as healthy as possible. I will definitely review products for this lifestyle and provide links through those reviews, but not in these blogs. Thrive market is the one exception and I’m providing links because I feel like their service can truly benefit a lot of people right now. So here’s the deal with Thrive Market and how they can help during this strange time. I’ll make this short to the point.

-Thrive is working 24/7 to both keep staples in stock and fulfill orders

OK, online groceries are nothing new, but here’s the way joining with Thrive market can help you and the community.

-Thrive market is offering up to a $20 grocery credit if you join today through the links I provide.

-Thrive has ALWAYS provided grocery credits and memberships to first responders and families in need but during the Covid 19 crisis they’ve taken it to a new level. Here’s what they’re doing to help:

-Thrive Market Covid-19 Relief Fund

-In under two weeks thrive customers have raised over $100,000, which Thrive Market has matched dollar for dollar to help with this crisis.

– This money is going to grocery stipends and free one year memberships for:

First Responders

Medical Professionals

At-risk communities and immunocompromised individuals for whom leaving the house might not be an option

Individuals whose health or financial stability has been affected by Covid-19


If you wish to donate to this fund without placing an order you can do so here.


Stay Home

The more we can stay home the better it is for everyone. I’m proud to be able show you a great service that does some real good during this odd time in our history. I use Thrive Market, and have long before all of this, and I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t. Thrive Market is a great company, run by great people and they are doing everything they can to help the community during this trying time. Right now memberships are risk free and there’s 2 options. $9.95 a month, or $5.00 a month if you sign up for year. Their prices are typically 20 to 25 percent off retail so the membership pays for itself. For me it took 2 orders and my membership paid for itself. They also offer a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days. I think all of that is secondary though. The fact that they’re doing so much to help the community and provide a good healthy grocery option at the same time is why I stay with them. If you clink the banner they gave me, you’ll get up to $20 in grocery credits today.

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