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Hi I’m Joe. I am the creator of this site. Before I get into the reason I started this site let me provide you with a little back story. About seven years ago I was eating the typical American diet. You know the story. Working like crazy, grabbing fast food to save time, and growing the belly to show it. Worse yet, I was taking that stuff home to my kids and they were already showing the effects. They were getting out of shape and starting to have skin problems, and their dad was getting that dad bod. Lucky for me, a small family business my father and I were in had several police officers for customers. I started seeing these guys drop weight over a couple month period so I started asking what was going on. They all told me they were having a body fat loss contest. The officers that were in the lead all told me one thing. Paleo diet. Oh boy did I have questions. They all kept telling me they weren’t hungry, they didn’t eat any less, they didn’t count calories, they felt better, slept better and best of all, it was healthy. I had heard a little about the paleo diet, but was dismissive because of cholesterol, and heart disease and all the “negatives” I started doing research and it turns out I was just float out wrong. What we’ve been taught is just wrong. There’s no way around it. I started doing research and following the Paleo diet. I lost the belly, about 40 lbs, and it has never come back. In fact, I recently had a bio metric screening through work. They had a half hour appointment scheduled for each of us to go over our numbers (cholesterol, BMI, body fat, blood sugar etc) and talk about strategies to improve them with a doctor and a nutritionist (FYI, at this time I worked for a Major League Baseball organization, and it was their team docs and nutritionists giving us advice). My 30 minute appointment went like this. They looked at my numbers, and said, “you know what you’re doing, do you have any questions for us?” My answer was no and I was on my way.


The reason for this site is simple. I have done tons of research over the last seven years on the Paleo diet and helped so many people I know. The problem is, you end up asking yourself questions about eating like this and you have to search around to find the answer. There is not a one stop shop for the information you’ll eventually want, and you’ll end up researching for hours like I did. I figured I have the knowledge and resources, so why not put it all in one place for everyone to see? I have family and friends asking me for info all the time so now they’ll have this resource, and I hope to reach as many people as I can. This way of eating can honestly save your life so no one should have to work hard to find the information they need to succeed and stay healthy.


My mission is to help as many people as possible reach the goals they set for a healthy lifestyle

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